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clear tarpaulinIf you have a garden or other types of plantations, then you would require a glass clear tarpaulin that can help you protect any of your agricultural items including young plants. With clear tarpaulins, sunlight would be able to fully penetrate the tarpaulin and get to your plants while they remain protected from other external elements that might negate their growth.

Furthermore, the transparent nature of this type of tarpaulin makes it a great option to cover the sides of your canopies or tents. They can also be used for covering enclosures in your patio. You can also find them in flea markets where people want the goods they are selling covered, but want people to be able to see it.

The bottom line is that glass clear tarpaulins can help you protect any item or environment you want to be covered but what is being covered should remain visible or exposed to the sunlight.

There are instances where you want to have a temporary shelter in a place you are working but you need to be aware of what is going on around you, including outside the shelter. For instance, you might need protection from the rain and the wind while working on your car or vehicle. A clear tarpaulin will help you achieve this. This also applies to when you are camping in a dangerous forest. Even while inside the tarpaulin, you can easily know if a wild animal is coming towards your tent. During the night, you can lie in your clear tarp and still be able to count the stars with your partner.

Two major types of clear tarpaulins are sold in the market. There are the clear poly heavy-duty tarpaulins that have a thickness of 0.125 inches with each square yard weighing around 6 ounces that makes it simple to use. The poly tarpaulins are rot-proof and waterproof. Despite being clear, they are not fully transparent. Considering their lighter weight, they can be used to cover plants. Transparent poly tarpaulins provide an affordable option for completing or building greenhouses. As opposed to most other materials, you can easily take off the tarpaulin during the warm weather and return it when it gets cold.

The second type of glass clear tarpaulins available in the market is the PVC tarpaulins. They are water-resistant, rot-proof and almost fully transparent. They are slightly heavier and thicker than transparent poly tarpaulins. Their thickness is a little lower than 0.5 inches with each square yard weighing 12 ounces. The implication is that it can be a bit harder moving them around considering that they weight double the size of poly tarpaulins. Heavy-duty PVC is used to reinforce the PVC tarpaulin’s edges. Furthermore, they are significantly more expensive than transparent poly tarpaulins. However, their sturdier nature makes them tougher and they would normally last longer than their poly counterparts.

The two types of transparent tarpaulins should have their corners reinforced. Generally, the eyelets on them should be spaced by 36 inches.

Irrespective of your desires, it is important to be able to select the right type of tarpaulin that would help you enjoy your outdoor activities.

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