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tarpaulin online

Tarpaulin online

Welcome to our webstore in tarpaulin products. We are selling these products for over 10 years and have alot of knowledge of the products we sell. Have questions or need something special? Contact us by phone or send us an email.

What is Tarpaulin?

One of the major necessities of life is shelter. We all need shelter to provide ourselves with protection. While houses and offices are the most common types of shelters, there are also other types of shelters we utilize, especially for temporary purposes. For these reasons, canopies and other makeshift shelters are often constructed with the aid of tarpaulins. A tarpaulin also is known as a tarp, generally, a waterproof, water-resistant, flexible, strong and large sheet of material, mostly made out of polyester, canvas or cloth. They are often used alongside with metal or wooden poles to create a sort of shelter under which people can stay.

What do you use a Tarpaulin for?

There are various situations in which you will need a tarpaulin. In most cases, a tarpaulin is utilized to protect people or things from sunlight, rain, and wind. They are used for covering buildings that are under construction or partially protect damaged or built structures. In other cases, like a natural disaster, people are temporarily relocated under canopies in IDP camps. The canopies consist out of tarpaulins on metal poles that are covered all around, expect one part, the entrance. This often requires large tarpaulins so that canopies are big enough to properly cover and protect a large group of people. Individuals who go camping could also use tarpaulins to make shelters. It is easier to travel with a material like a tarpaulin, which is strong, provides protection and is light enough to carry around. You could also opt to travel with the poles to construct a more sophisticated shelter but you will have to keep into account that these pools add more weight, limiting your mobility. But for the real camping enthusiast, sourcing wood to create a shelter seems more appropriate, don’t you? Also, Tarpaulins are perfect to have for organizing outdoor meetings and events. This could include birthday parties and weddings that are held in a park or somewhere outside. What is if the sun or rain is envisaged, then a tarpaulin can help protect your guests for the rain or prevent people from getting sunburned! Finally, Tarpaulins are commonly used for printing advertisements, which are hanged up on billboards or other places. This could require a waterproof tarpaulin but a non-waterproof tarpaulin could serve as long as the printing won’t wash off. However, most tarpaulins used for displaying advertisements are made to be waterproof.

What kind of materials are used to make tarpaulin?

Different materials are used to make tarpaulins. The most common materials include vinyl, canvas, and polyethene. In the past, fabrics were used for making tarpaulins. However, the growing need for waterproof tarpaulins has eliminated the desire and use of non-waterproof tarpaulins.


What is the difference between a tarpaulin sheet and heavy-duty tarpaulin?

There are two types of tarpaulins. There is the light version of a tarpaulin sheet and the heavy-duty version. The light tarpaulin sheets are great for small-scale usages, such as a small event, camping or a birthday party. The heavy-duty tarpaulin version is perfect for more demanding situations such as building a makeshift house, creating a temporary shelter for people or protecting a construction site from the elements.


In which situations is it best to buy a waterproof tarpaulin?

When should you consider to buy a waterproof tarpaulin? You should buy a waterproof tarpaulin when you want to protect something from getting wet. In most cases, everybody prefers waterproof tarpaulins because it is better to be sure and save than to be sorry! Quality waterproof Tarpaulins ensures that the people of things that you want to protect, do not get exposed to water, preventing soaked outfits or irreversible water damage to goods.


What are the benefits of a large tarpaulin?

A major benefit of a large tarpaulin is that it can be used to cover big spaces. The implication is that you would have more space under the tarpaulin, to keep the individuals and things you want to protect, hidden from the elements such as rain. However, size does not matter if the quality is underwhelming, make sure to find and buy quality tarpaulins, that are up to your tasks!


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